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Elizabeth Tower


Crown Street, Manchester

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Elizabeth Tower


Key Investment Features:

  • Prices from £243,000

  • 7% Forecasted Rental Returns

  • Luxury Apartments

  • 52 Storeys

  • 360 City Views

  • Royal, Sky Garden

  • Co-working Space

  • Residence Lounge

  • Developer Payment Plan

About Transition, Deansgate, Manchester:

The iconic skyscraper at the heart of this new neighbourhood, Elizabeth Tower, features elegant residential apartments, the finest facilities and one the highest swimming pools in Western Europe. An awe-inspiring new address, one of the UK’s tallest residential structures, in the country’s most under-supplied tenant market.


A City of Unstoppable Growth

There has never been a more exciting time to invest in Manchester.


The UK’s second largest economy is rapidly expanding.


Multi-billion-pound investment in business, infrastructure and transport is flowing into the city, both domestically and globally. Huge multinational corporations, such as the BBC, have already relocated away from London to Manchester.


The city is also one of the main destinations for the 292,000 people that permanently moved away from London in 2016.


As Manchester’s population continues to soar, so does the demand for real estate – directly impacting investor returns.


With all projections pointing to continued strong property performance in the coming years, investors can enter the market at the very start of a long, sustained period of growth.