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Tameway Plaza, Walsall Town Centre - No Mortgage Required

While it remains a good time to invest in UK property with a buy-to-let mortgage, some are now seeking alternative buying strategies in order to avoid the future risk of possible increasing interest rates.

Tameway Plaza is one of the first projects being developed by Prosperity Wealth, which provides a viable solution to high interest rates, with a fixed charge for a post-completion developer payment plan.

Not only has this payment plan been popular amongst domestic investors, overseas buyers who are often faced with high interest rates are now taking full advantage of this alternative investment strategy.

No Mortgage Payment Plan

Pay a 5% initial payment towards your deposit plus £850 legal fees. Your deposit is then divided by the number of build term months and paid on a monthly basis. Upon completion, remaining payments are covered by rental income over 8 years.

This option is perfectly suited to clients without large lump sums accessible or those who’d prefer to keep existing investments where they are.


Purchase Price £99,995.00

Legal Fees (estimated total costs excluding disbursements) £850.00

Total Amount Due £100,845.00

Reservation Payment Stage

Reservation Deposit 5% £4,999.75

Legal Fees £850.00

Reservation stage total due £5,849.75

Monthly Payment Stage

Deposit divided by 20 months build schedule £2,324.76 x 20

Total: £46,495.25

Completion Stage

Stamp Duty (estimated) £3,133.00

Rental Repayment Stage £48,500.00

Plus Deferred Consideration Charge £4,442.98

Total Payable £52,942.98

Yr 1 Rental £6,600.00

Yr 2 Rental £6,900.00

Yr 3 Rental £7,200.00

Yr 4 Rental £7,500.00

Yr 5 Rental £7,800.00

Yr 6 Rental £8,100.00

Yr 7 Rental £8,400.00

Yr 8 Rental £442.98

Tameway Plaza, Walsall

Just 8 miles from Birmingham City Centre, Walsall is one of the main commuter towns in to the city. Tameway Plaza is sure to be a popular choice for those young professionals looking for a high quality residential development with convenient transport links.

With 1xbed prices from £99,995 and 2xbed apartments starting at £124,995, this is a fantastic opportunity to invest in a vibrant town with huge scope for capital growth and a strong, consistently growing rental yield.

Speak with one of our Property Consultants today and find out more about this opportunity and the flexible payment plan options available.

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