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Will Liverpool win the league?

Yes it's certainly looking likely that the reds will triumph this year! Liverpool FC fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the chance to begin celebrating, obviously while social distancing....

But the prospect of winning the Premier League title isn't the only reason the City of Liverpool is making headlines. Once again Liverpool has been shortlisted as one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding cities for buy-to-let investment.

According to Mojo Mortgages, Liverpool is one of the best locations in the UK for investors to achieve a healthy rental return and capital growth.

Liverpool Property Investment 2020

On average, investors in Liverpool's L7 postcode are enjoying rental yields of 10.3%, way above the national average.

The city's property prices have risen by 22.7% over the past five years, with apartments going up even more – by 25.2%. Liverpool was the ninth fastest growing city for house prices in the UK in 2016, with year on year growth of 7.0%.

A recent population boom paired with an under-supply of housing, make for an exciting investment case.

The city's population has grown from 435,5000 in 2001 to 466,400 in 2011. Meanwhile the city has been building homes at a rate of 713 per year between April 2009 and March 2016. The Home Builders Federation estimate Liverpool needs to produce over 3,000 properties in 2020 in order to keep up with demand.

Liverpool Regeneration

Liverpool has seen significant regeneration over the last 5 years which has attracted both domestic and international investors looking for solid buy to let investment stock.

The surrounding towns in Merseyside such as Vauxhall and Bootle are also expected to be a favourite among seasoned investors looking to get in early before prices there also start to rise.

  • Based on the outskirts of Bootle, Liverpool Waters project by Peel Holding's £5.5 billion regeneration scheme on the 60 hectare historic dockland site will create a world-class, high quality, mixed use waterfront

  • Peel Holdings have also invested £400 million over the last 3 years in to Liverpool2 which is a deep water terminal container. This will expand the UK's largest transatlantic port and create one of Europe's most advanced container terminals

  • Ten Streets - Adding something new and different to around 125 acres of Liverpool’s Northern City Fringe – a vibrant creative quarter located within the Liverpool City Enterprise Zone that will drive future prosperity and enhance the city’s status as an international destination.

  • Everton Football Club - The Merseyside club have reached an agreement with Peel Holdings to build on the Bramley Moore Dock site. The proposed £300m new football stadium will provide a £1billion boost to the local economy and create more than 12,000 jobs for local people.

Despite the challenges we are facing with the pandemic in 2020, continued demand combined with multi-billion pound private and public investment, is sure to keep Liverpool at the top of the list.

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